Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Lucky Escape

WALT- Describe a Moment in Time

The Lucky Escape

I promise its not what it looks like. Today I was feeling quite peckish. On the menu today I thought of a medium sized sardine. “Oh for Neptunes sake Johnny, go out and catch something!” my pelican father said. So I obeyed my fathers commands and procceded on to the ocean. I was flying above the ant sized people and trees. Right now I think my hope for just a small sardine was quite low. Now I thought about having a good dive to catch to catch one. The sky was getting darker and darker by the second, but finally I found small splashes appearing. ‘This is my final chance’ I thought. So with that in mind, I dove down and just about slipped the fish into my mouth. Now my only challenge was to get back home. My house was now dead straight ahead of me now, but just as I reached my home the fish escaped...

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