Monday, 4 September 2017

How To Stop The Spread Of Some Contagious Diseases

                                                       WALT- Create A Poster

For health today we had to make a list of how to stop some contagious diseases, here is mine.


Why Cant All Medicine Be Swallowed

                                 WALT-identify the main ideas in the text


Monday, 14 August 2017

How A Tsunami Happens

                                                   WALT- Create an explain everything


For this reading task we had to explain how a Tsunami is caused. We got this Tsunami topic by a book called 'Running Wild'. There was this boy called Will and his Mum was included in a massive Tsunami.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

No World Health Organisations

A Beast Of A Time


The mysterious beast approached the chocolate coloured ship with a very peculiar sound. I dashed to the telescope deck and had a lengthy peek, to find out an enormous blue animal was heading straight towards me! These creatures had an exquisite shade of blue. Its colossal eyes were about the size of me. I gazed up in awe to see more of them coming above my ship. It was almost as good as the northern lights.The whole group were coming straight at me, I was covered by a very blue sea. My ears were hurting with the weird sounds. The pink clouds became blue. This was probably the most beautiful sight of the century. The sailing ship’s swaying arms were gliding it in time with the beasts.

I like the way you used sophisticated language.
Next time you should add more types of descriptive language.

For this writing task we watched a video called 'Once in a lifetime'. After we watched the video we had to create and describe our creature that we had to pick.

Monday, 31 July 2017


                                                              WALT- write a Pepeha

No New Zealand āhau

Ko  Puketāpapa  tōku maunga

Ko Manukau  tōku moana

Ko Halsey Drive te kura

Ko Shailesh Tiwari tōku papa  
No Ahmedabad ia   
Ko Renu Tiwari tōku mama     
No Dehli ia    
Ko Rameshchandra Tiwari tōku Koro    
No Ahmedabad ia     
Ko Manorma Tiwari tōku Kuia  
No Indor ia    
Ko Raksha Tiwari tōku Tuakana    
Ko Dev Tiwari tōku ingoa  

A Pepeha is a way to indroduce your family and you in Te Reo Maori.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Indonesia Fact File

                                                             WALT- Create A Fact File


For this reading task we had to describe Indonesia. Indonesia is included in this book called 'Running Wild' . The book was set at Indonesia